What Happens?

When you come in, you will be greeted by our receptionist.  They will be glad to talk you through what happens.



If you wish to proceed (there is no obligation!) you will be asked to fill in a form, giving your name and a brief description of what you need prayer for. Your form will be passed to one of the prayer teams.



You will be offered refreshments.

There is a separate table to sit at whilst you wait, (Other visitors may be there already).  There is a variety of free (as well as priced) literature to browse. 

Presently one of the pray-ers will invite you in to the "room" - a partioned area of our meeting room. You may be in the room for ten or fifteen minutes, rarely twenty.   

The prayer team (normally three people) will introduce themselves. If you have any questions, do ask.  Only one will pray at any one time.

The pray-er may ask you a question or two about your request, but generally you are not expected to speak or to pray.  Above all, you can relax!  You are here to receive from God!

Afterwards, you can sit awhile at the table by reception and think over what has happened; maybe have another drink.  But you are free to go whenever you want.  And free to come back in the future.

Any questions?  Try looking here... FAQs (opens in a new tab)