I could barely stand or walk, the pain was so bad...

I have had problems with my spine for 26 years.  It starts like an electric shock in my lower back followed by pain so bad that I can barely stand or walk.  Last Sunday this happened again, but instead of accepting it and giving in to pain, I prayed first for God to help; then I took authority upon myself to claim healing and freedom from pain. When I stood up, the pain had gone.  I walked all around the house praising Jesus and shouting thanks. 

After coming back from church, I was trying to hold my dog back… And my back did the same as it did earlier, but worse.  Instead of worrying, I just sat still and proclaimed that God had already healed me once.  I sat for ten minutes and the pain disappeared again.  Healed twice in one day; thank you, Jesus. 

Miracles happened not only thousands of years ago, they are still happening every day.  Thank you, God.

Team member June 2019


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