Finding Us

Healing Rooms in Hillsborough are at Hillsborough Arena, a community facility on Middlewood Road and close to the shopping area of Hillsborough.  It is sited in the corner of Hillsborough Park (pictured in Springtime on our Home screen). 

The postcode is S6 4HA. 

There are signs which will lead you to where we are within the building.  THERE IS LEVEL ACCESS all the way, but should you need assistance please go to the Arena reception.

Arriving by car

Free parking is available at the Hillsborough Arena whilst you are visiting us.  Follow the sign (in the photo above, it's the same on the other side!), going down the drive on the right of the row of trees.

If you are unfamiliar with driving in Hillsborough, it will be easiest if you avoid Hillsborough centre (!).  If that is not possible, please note:

  •  You cannot turn right from Bradfield Road onto Middlewood Road at any time.
  •  A "tram gate" operates in Hillsborough until 11 am.  This means that before 11 am,  you cannot drive along Langsett Road onto Middlewood Road.  Avoid this spot by approaching the Arena via Parkside Road (signed Stocksbridge) from the A61 Northbound. 
  • If you approach from the West on the A6101 (Holme Lane) you are allowed to turn left onto Middlewood Road in Hillsborough.

Arriving by public transport

Middlewood Road has several bus routes and also the "yellow" tram route to/from Middlewood and Meadowhall via Sheffield city centre. 

Trams run every twelve minutes; use the Hillsborough Park tram stop.  From the tramstop walk away from the shopping area and you will get to the actual Hillsborough Park on the right-hand side of the road 

The Arena has a large sign on your right.  Proceed down the drive next to the trees.

More trams and buses are available a couple of hundred yards away at / near the transport Interchange in the centre of Hillsborough (beyond the crossroads).